What is Will Check?

A long period of time often passes between someone making a will and someone else needing to retrieve it. Lawyers changing offices, moving, retiring, or leaving the practice of law can complicate the process of locating and retrieving a will. Will Check stores information on the location of wills to assist with this problem. We do not currently store any wills documents themselves.

Will Check is maintained by the County of Carleton Law Association, and is currently for use by licensed lawyers only.




How does it work?

Register A Will

  Review the client release with your client and have them sign a copy for you.

  Submit information to us using our Register a Will form. If you prefer, send us a batch .xlsx file with multiple wills’ information instead!

Find A Will

Looking for a will? Fill out the form on the Find a Will page.

That’s it! We’ll contact you within 3 business days.


Are you retiring or closing your practice?

Please fill out this form to update us on where your files will now be kept.