Will Check FAQ

  1. Who runs this website?

    Will Check is a service run by the County of Carleton Law Association library. You can find out more about us here. Funding for Will Check was made available through the Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA) 2016 Practice Resource Centre Innovation Award.

  2. How much does Will Check cost?

    There is no cost associated with providing client information to Will Check. At the current time, searches for information stored within our database are free.

  3. What security precautions are in place for this information?

    For the security of the testator, full wills are not stored within Will Check; we only store the information about the lawyer or firm where the will is being kept. For more details, please consult our privacy policy and terms of use.

  4. How can I secure consent from my client?

    We’ve drawn up a sample release for you to use. Copy and paste this into your own letterhead, or go ahead and use ours. You can find a Word document version of this release here.

  5. How do I give you information about a will?

    Check out the step-by- step guide here.

  6. How do I search the database?

    Just fill in this form. We’ll get back to you within two business days. At this time, search requests will only be performed for members of the LSUC or equivalent.

  7. I’m not from Ottawa – can I submit information to you?

    At this time, we are only accepting wills information from lawyers practicing in the Ottawa area.

  8. How far back does your information go?

    Will Check started collecting will information in 2017. As such, the information in this database is largely comprised of will information from this time.

  9. I am not a lawyer, but I want my information in Will Check. How do I submit?

    Please speak with the lawyer who wrote your will, and have them submit the information to us. You can tell them to check out our website at WillCheck.ca.

  10. Est-ce que c'est disponible en français?
    Will Check n’est présentement pas disponible en français. Nous espérons de le rendre bilingue à l’avenir.